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Come, Watch Midtown Atlanta, Etc. Morph Through Time

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With so many colossal changes on tap for Midtown Atlanta, we thought it'd be appropriate to delve into the neighborhood's history, illustrating its growth from sleepy uptown to cosmopolitan hive. Whether switching from small-scale storefronts to gleaming skyrises represents progress or regression is a matter of perspective, but Midtown is just getting started. Locations of some photos are denoted in the "Before" pics, which come courtesy of Georgia State University's Pullen Library Special Collections; other locations should be self-evident. (A few shots of Buckhead and the Old Fourth Ward are included). The historic photos date between 1946 and 1964, long before gimmicky Internet tricks were possible. For a similar treatment of downtown Atlanta, with even older photos, head over here.

[All historical photos via Georgia State University, Pullen Library, Special Collections. Present-day by Christopher T. Martin, Curbed Atlanta.]

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