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Midtown Mock-Up Foresees Possible Skyline Future

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If a wave of tower proposals comes to fruition, Midtown Atlanta's skyline could become significantly bulkier in coming years, loaded with thousands of more residential options. Like the office tower boom of two decades ago, this onslaught of residential high-rises could change the face of intown's core, even if few of the proposals would be sky-scraping icons. For context, skyrise enthusiast Atlanta Mustang took the above photo from a Georgia Tech rooftop and overlaid rough estimates of the height and shape of Midtown tower proposals. It's worth noting that all but one of the towers would be residential, most would include significant retail space, and four of the proposals would reach higher than 500 feet. Yes, the crane could be an abundant species in Atlanta's near future.

The Midtown mock-up dates to April and is a little behind the times, given the constant stream of large-scale proposals lately. (Novare's 1163 West Peachtree tower isn't shown, for example). From this view, a few projects — 60 11th Street (20 stories), 867 Peachtree (9 stories), 782 Peachtree (10 stories), and others — would be blocked. Also of note: The final designs for 1138 Peachtree (rumored to be 50-odd stories, backing up to Crescent Avenue) and 1125 Peachtree (at 12th & Midtown) have not emerged, so those are depicted with generic shapes.

What is shown, from left to right:

Amli Arts Center (30 stories);
Northside Hospital Medical Arts Building (17 stories);
Three towers at 98 14th street (Tower A: 39 stories; Tower B: 57 stories; Tower C: 60 stories);
1138 Peachtree (51);
1125 Peachtree (50 stories);
University House Midtown (19 stories);
33 Peachtree Place (19 stories);
Centergy North (25 stories);
and the architectural darling, 811 Peachtree (35 stories).

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1138 Peachtree

1138 Peachtree Street, Atlanta, GA