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Highlighting The Week's Worst & Weirdest In ATL Listings

There are a lot of beautiful homes in Atlanta — lovely kitchens and glorious decorating and beautiful layouts, all captured in listing photos to die for. These? These are not them. These photos highlight the worst, weirdest and most questionable choices of the week from the ATL real estate world, courtesy of Zillow listings. But, hey, they get an A for trying ...

- Address undisclosed

^ This beauty can be yours for only $14,203, but you'll have to find her first — the listing is address-less.

- 1583 New St. NE, Atlanta

^ For the buyer who fantasizes about cooking in the former Soviet Republic.

- 2477 Elizabeth Ann Lane NE, Atlanta

^ Part potentially awesome basement, part setting for a '70s swingers porno.

- 1379 Marion Ave. NE, Atlanta

^ Caveat emptor, you guys: The entirety of Candler Park isn't included in this home's $395,000 asking price.

- 708 McDaniel St. SW, Atlanta

^ A fine piece of real estate right here, and a 15-minute walk to Turner Field, no less!

- 400 W. Peachtree St. NW, Unit 3512, Atlanta

^ Sellers beware ... in Georgia, it's best to keep Buddhism in the closet.

- 4009 Wieuca Road NW, Atlanta

^ More than a million bucks, four bedrooms, three bathrooms and one ancestral crypt shielded by centuries-old ivy and guarded by the legendary Copper Horse of Buckhead.

- 361 17th St. NW Unit 2002, Atlanta

^ A focal point ... this random concrete wall.

- 3475 Oak Valley Road NE, Unit 1510, Atlanta

^ Because who doesn't want bar chairs in the shape of faces, with eyes that pierce the soul and a disturbing absence of foreheads?

— By Curbed Atlanta contributor Tyler Estep