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From Dump To Delight: Kirkwood Renovation Asks $309K

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In three months, this 1925 Kirkwood bungalow was transformed from a $95,000 trash-filled horror show to an airy, modern single-family home with an open floor plan that is asking $309,000. Jude Beckman of Dreamwork Construction and Samuel McGrath of Sequoia Design stripped the two-bedroom, two-bathroom home down to the studs and added modern finishes throughout, vaulted ceilings and a new backyard deck overlooking woods. Some of the design choices, such as the slate front porch and exposed wooden beams in the living room, are likely to appeal to nearly every buyer. Others, such as the kitchen's reclaimed green wood, the backsplash that doesn't stop, the oh-so-shiny fireplace and the bold tile choices in the bathroom, could be a turn-off to some. The unusual finished basement with corrugated metal ceiling, accessible via ladder or back door, is perfect for the buyer who wants a wine cellar, extra storage or dungeon/horse stable combo. Unique choices aside, the renovation of the 1,125-square-foot house is duly impressive, particularly after seeing how the space looked in March.

· 1837 Hosea L Williams Drive [Zillow]