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The Changing Face Of Brookhaven's Dresden Drive

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Since the Great Recession keeled over, Brookhaven has gotten its mojo back. A reader named Alex recently found himself impressed after driving through one particular stretch of the newly sovereign city — the Brookhaven Village along Dresden Drive. Alex wants to raise awareness because Dresden "has really come along since I was there maybe two years ago," he writes. "People everywhere and walking to and fro. Really a great sign of things to come hopefully all over our metro area." Indeed, Dresden Drive is abuzz with construction activity. Our Visual Journey this week captures new luxury apartments that tout MARTA walkability, modern-style office spaces and an urban grocer. Most of it feels more organic than Town Brookhaven down the street. With a growing population of 50,000, Brookhaven became DeKalb's 11th city when it broke off from the county in late 2012. As Alex notes, the city's Village component could be onto something. "Compared with many other 'urban' developments that don't integrate well with the city around them (looking at you, Atlantic Station)," he writes, "this project seems awesome."
[Photos by Christopher T. Martin, Curbed Atlanta.]