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Fanciness Without Commitment: What $10K+ Rents In Atlanta

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Maybe you're a movie star in town for a month or two of shooting, or a bank robber who wants to live your last month of freedom in style or a person with more cash than you know what to do with — whatever your circumstances, if you want to live the high life in Atlanta without all that pesky commitment and equity nonsense, check out these five-figure-a-month rentals. The 5,000-square-foot Buckhead house above rents for $20,000/month, up from $12,000/month in 2011 — a fairly bold ask for a neighborhood where most homes hover just under the $1 million mark.

2774 Andrews Drive
Rent: $12,000/month
This three-bedroom, five-bathroom brick home sold for $1.89 million in 2003. Perhaps it's gorgeous inside (one would hope for 12 grand a month) but it's tough to say for sure because the only interior shots in the listing are a close-up of a decorative ceiling and a close-up of a door knob. Granted, it's a nice door knob, but probably not worth the money on its own. There is a fountain outside with cherub statues peeing into it, so there's that.

3894 The Highlands
Rent: $12,000/month
Nine bedrooms and nine baths is more what you'd expect for a five-figure rental (to heck with the three bedrooms in the previous listing). This three-level newly renovated home features an elevator, banquet dining room and "stately paneled fireside library."

3680 Rembrandt Rd
Rent: $15,000/month
This 5,473-square-foot Buckhead home has six bedrooms, seven and a half baths, a guest house with a full kitchen and at least two rooms of loud plaid flooring. Outside, the $15K will get you a tennis court, pool and "meandering brook" (what other kind of brook is there?) with a koi pond.

3344 Peachtree Road NE (Sovereign), Unit 4004
Rent: $11,000/month
Lest you think that sprawling mansions are a wealthy renter's only option, check out this 40th floor, fully furnished condo in Buckhead's Sovereign tower. The two-bedroom, two and a half bath unit has plenty of features — modern kitchen, designer furniture, triple-sided glass fireplace — but the real selling (errrrr, renting) point are the floor-to-ceiling windows and a 589-square-foot terrace with skyline views.