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Turreted Inman Park Victorian Is Granny Chic For $715K

A 122-year-old house that looks like this grand Victorian in Inman Park has two options: (A) it's haunted or (B) it has epic granny style. No ghosts are noted, but option B is in full effect. The lace doilies, abundant floral patterns, colorful patchwork quilts, Kleenex boxes and bedroom vanities are almost enough to mask the true potential of the five-bedroom, 3.5-bath abode, but heavens to Betsy and my-oh-my, a buyer willing to put in a little effort and money could have a real gem. The kitchen and first floor bathroom have already been renovated but the whole place could use a little spiffing up. The listing says there are unused "nooks & crannies" (because of course there are) that could be better incorporated into the floor plan, and there are plenty of original architectural flourishes worth retaining. The 3,272-square-foot home is protected from invading armies by a two-story turret. Its asking price of $715,000 does not include jars of hard candy.
· 80 Spruce Street [Coldwell Banker]