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Historic Westview Exhibits Symptoms Of Beltline Fever

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Five minutes southwest of downtown Atlanta, the historic community of Westview is proof positive that Beltline fever isn't exclusively a condition of the city's eastside. A tipster points to the lively Westview Facebook page, which along with Beltline cheerleading includes the type of hyper-local posts that suggest a burgeoning sense of community. For example: news of ice cream socials at the Big Apple Inn, the neighborhood's "Featured Volunteer," the Westview Summer Solstice festival on June 21, pizza nights at Westview Pizza Café and photos of the commercial district draped in snow. One Facebook friend touts the neighborhood as such: "Gorgeous historic homes under $200K, its own historic village, on the Beltline and Lionel Hampton Trail, a golf course, tennis courts, $40 annual property taxes." (Here's a sample of recent home listings, and most of them are indeed well below the $200,000 price point). Suddenly the appeal comes into focus.

Like Inman Park and Kirkwood, Westview was an original Atlanta streetcar suburb established — as its street-markers boast — back in 1910. The Lionel Hampton Trail already exists in the neighborhood and will serve as a connector to the Beltline's southwest trail, which was bolstered by a recent $5 million Cox Media donation. Westview's neighborhood website isn't shy about touting the Beltline connectivity, boldly declaring that "Westview is sure to be one of the next most talked about places to live in the city!"

[ABOVE: Beltline art at Lucille Avenue. Photo: Christopher T. Martin, via this Curbed Atlanta photo essay.]
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