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And In This Room ... Every Realtor's Worst Nightmare

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The first rule of Home Staging 101 should be to purge at least half of the property's dead animals. Especially in rooms with endless supplies of creepy, lifeless snarls. Obviously this sprawling, European-style mansion in Sandy Springs didn't get the memo, as it's languished on the market for 225 days. Once listed as high as $2 million, it chopped another $200,000 from the ask last week, down to $1.49 million. Built in 1988, the nearly 7,000 square-foot manse occupies a lovely two acres of woods, and the interior should suit anyone enamored with Buckhead pomp. That is, artwork in gaudy frames, soaring ceilings with skylights and elegant staircases. And then there's the yikes-inducing game room, which many home shoppers would probably refuse to enter. There's a hyena in there, for goodness sakes, plus a water buffalo, antelope, a couple of moose and tiny horned creatures that look like the primordial versions of deer. Conveniently, there's also a royal-looking office chair in which to sit back, relax and fully live those Hemingway illusions.
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