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Questionable Decisions Abound In This Morningside Offering

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The listing for this 2,343-square-foot Morningside mid-century describes it as a "great restoration or new construction opportunity." It's an extremely dated house sitting on 0.46 acres that back up onto two lots valued at more than $1 million, so maybe the realtor just figured, "Eh, what's the point of staging it if somebody's just gonna tear it down?" It's been on the market for two months now and its price has dropped twice (from $700,000 to $650,000). Would better listing photos have sold it for $700,000? Tough to say.

There are a number of bizarre decisions that were made during the process of designing and/or photographing this three-bedroom, two-bathroom house: The photographs feature the previous owner's extensive collection of Asian-inspired figurines and sculptures, all piled proudly onto the dining room table. The construction-worker-orange curved kitchen counters are bad enough on their own but worse with wires from some sort of monitor hanging all over the place and what appear to be dirty dishes in the sink. The weird painting/foldable screen/octagonal bench/brick monstrosity combo aren't doing the living room any favors. The bedroom shot isn't even in focus and features a wide array of electronics from the nineties. The peach bathroom with glass bricks and gold trim is hideous but earns more photos than any other room. The tiny bridge over a small patch of gravel is perplexing. Is there any hope for this place? More importantly, what was that realtor thinking?

· 1075 Robin Lane [Zillow]