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Tony Inman Park Townhome Has Treetop Views, Seeks $849K

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So is this what the hordes of new Atlanta apartment dwellers should hope to achieve one day? A townhome that "lives like a single family home," the agents says, in a top school district that doesn't swap Beltline cool for space? Perhaps. But most renters will have to do some serious earning before a $849,000 note is feasible. Making its market debut, this 3,600-square-foot, quad-level beefcake boasts a wood-paneled elevator and rooftop deck overlooking verdant Inman Park. There's only two townhomes like this one at Inman Park Village, we're told. The kitchen is loaded with Viking steel, and a sound system is wired throughout. Despite all of that, the place probably won't appeal to minimalists — that is, those buyers averse to coffered ceilings and fancy moldings. Any guesses on what the owners paid for this place when it was built in 2007?
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