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Grand O4W Victorian Can't Sell. What Could Be The Problem?

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On paper, this 3,109-square-foot Victorian on Highland Avenue, within walking distance to restaurants, Historic Fourth Ward Park and the Beltline should have sold months ago. But in reality, it has a serious selling problem and just chopped its price for the fifth time, reducing its price by $175,000 from its original ask of $650,000. So what is the problem? Sure, there's a whole lot of red going on both inside and out, but that doesn't change the fact that it has gorgeous stained-glass windows, antique chandeliers, eight working fireplaces and a roomy back yard. The four-bedroom, three-bathroom home from 1920 sits on an 8,102-square-foot lot and has more than its fair share of charm. Will it sell for $475,000 or be chopped again? And more importantly, why hasn't it already been scooped up by an excited new Old Fourth Ward resident? Is its proximity to Atlanta Medical Center or Boulevard hurting it? Or maybe it's the view of that ungroomed field next to Freedom Parkway.
· 528 Highland Avenue [Zillow]