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Words With Totally Different Meanings In ATL: An Addendum

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[Masquerades. Left: Aubrey Beardsley. Right: Wikimedia Commons.]

BuzzFeed's recent "21 Words That Have A Totally Different Meaning In Atlanta" is amusing enough, but it takes the usual Coca-Cola-plugging, Hotlanta-dropping, snowpocalypse-mocking, MARTA-bashing, traffic-whining approach to Atlanta. It even goes so far as to diss downtown, and those are fightin' words 'round here. But there's no sense complaining about something unless you're going to offer options. To that end, please enjoy the "Curbed Atlanta Addendum: 10 Words That Actually Have A Totally Different Meaning In Atlanta" then add your own in the comments.

Ponce de Leon

[Explorer Ponce via Library of Congress. Street Ponce via FunkBrothers on Flickr.]
To non-Atlantans: A Spanish explorer and conquistador who searched for the Fountain of Youth.
To Atlantans: A beloved thoroughfare where you can fulfill your every desire, from Krispy Kreme donuts and Zesto cones to a disturbing night at the Clermont to the future landmark that is Ponce City Market. Oh, and drop that Spanish accent, okay?

The Fox

[Fox animal by J.G. Keulemans. Fox Theatre by Lee Coursey.]
To non-Atlantans: An omnivorous dog-like animal who says stuff like wa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pow and hateee-hatteee-hateee-hoo.
To Atlantans: A stunning theatre where we go see Broadway shows, ballets and concerts.


[Space jump from Felix Baumgartner on Facebook. Bongs via Sarahnaut on Flickr. High Museum via Josh Hallett.]
To non-Atlantans: What you get from drugs. See also: Things that are not low, for example, that time badass Felix Baumgartner did a skydive from space. That looked really high.
To Atlantans: The premier art museum in the Southeast with more than 14,000 works in its permanent collection. Even Atlantans who don't visit very often are pretty proud of it.

The A

[Blocks via Leo Reynolds on Flickr. Atlanta via Chuck Koehler.]
To non-Atlantans: The first letter of the alphabet.
To Atlantans: One of the nicknames Atlantans actually use for our city. Stop with the Hotlanta stuff.


[Moonshine via Brave Heart on Flickr. River by Steve Harwood on Flickr.]
To non-Atlantans: Moonshine.
To Atlantans: The Chattahoochee River, which provides us with ample opportunities for floating, tubing, rafting, cliff jumping and fighting with Florida over water.


[Pipe connectors via Wikimedia Commons. Downtown Connector via Scott Ehardt.]
To non-Atlantans: Any little plastic or metal doohickey that attached one thing to another thing.
To Atlantans: Where 75 and 85 come together and provide commuters with many delightful hours of delays and excitement.


[Cave and London Underground via Wikimedia Commons. Underground Atlanta via Thomas Moeller.]
To non-Atlantans: Subterranean areas that might or might not require spelunking gear. See also: London's subway system.
To Atlantans: The constantly struggling "entertainment district" near Five Points that we never visit.

Dad's Garage

[Actual garage via Wikimedia Commons. Dad's Garage Theatre via their Facebook page.]
To non-Atlantans: Your father's workshop where he does a bit of tinkering with engines or woodworking, maybe drinks a beer or practices his blacksmithing.
To Atlantans: An internationally recognized theater company with some of the best improv in the city.

The Ted

[Ted Movie via official Facebook page. Ted stadium via Wikimedia Commons.]
To non-Atlantans: That movie with the cursing bear. See also: a conference of inspirational talks.
To Atlantans: Turner Field, the Home of the Braves until they go to Cobb.


[Plaza etching by Giuseppe Vasi. Plaza Theatre by Kaffeemitschlag.]
To non-Atlantans: An open urban public place or city square.
To Atlantans: A historic cinema where we can go see live performances of Rocky Horror and weird movies we can't see anywhere else. One of the best movie theaters in the whole world.

What did we miss?

Turner Field

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Underground Atlanta

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