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How The New Falcons Stadium Site Looks Right Now

From this soggy red clay, a $1.3 billion coliseum will rise that promises to make NFL fans "reimagine the stadium experience." So consider these your "Before" pictures for the scrapbook. Atlanta bigwigs and NFL brass held a pyrotechnic-heavy groundbreaking ceremony on these grounds back in May, but site work has been moving forward all spring. These photos illustrate that the futuristic origami where several Super Bowls, World Cup matches and the Atlanta Olympics II will hopefully happen is indeed going to rise next door to the Georgia Dome. Our intent was to partner with the Atlanta Falcons for a guided, informational tour of the site in its nascent stages. That didn't really work out. So feel free to have a guess at what's really going on here.
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[Photos: Christopher T. Martin, Curbed Atlanta]