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New Westside Trail Renderings Predict Beltline Utopia!

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[Looking east from Lawton Street, before and after transit. Images courtesy]

A series of Westside Trail concepts and artist renderings lend hope that all will not be quiet on the Beltline's western front soon. A tipster points to these fresh, utopian images of the three-mile Westside Trail project that officials say will break ground this fall, along with the Eastside Trail's southward extension through Cabbagetown. Last September, the U.S. Department of Transportation awarded Atlanta an $18 million TIGER V grant to develop the Beltline's southwest corridor. The trail will snake from Washington Park to Adair Park with 14 points of entry, utilizing the existing West End Trail in the West End neighborhood. Expect a 14-foot-wide concrete multi-use trail similar to the madly popular eastside one. Officials say construction should take about 18 months, meaning the trail could open in the spring of 2016. Let's do this.

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