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Curbed's 'Outdoors Week' Starts Right This Very Second!

Hear ye, hear ye: Right this second marks the commencement of Curbed Atlanta's inaugural Outdoors Week, a five-day tribute to the outdoor spaces and places of Atlanta. From Midtown patios to obscure trail hikes, we'll get back to nature this week with urban safaris galore. We'll tip our hats to glorious residential landscapes, count down the city's most overrated outdoor spaces and map out the best hikes for Atlanta's plentiful lazy asses. And it's not too late to spread a little love for your favorite dog park, ATL swimming hole (including hotel pools that offer guest passes) and most wonderful, underrated park — just drop an email to the tipline here. Being outside in the Big A, after all, is a beautiful thing, especially when the thermometer reads below 90 degrees. Grab an ice-cold beverage and settle in on the terrace — this will be an adventure! [Curbed]