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Trekking the Unbuilt Beltline, from Midtown to Buckhead

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When it comes to Beltine expansions, most recent talk has focused on the three-mile corridor that will be the Westside Trail and the Eastside Trail's southward elongation, both of which should start to happen this fall. But let's not forget the kudzu jungle that festers to the north.

We figured Outdoors Week is an opportune time to strap on the hiking boots and tromp from Piedmont Park up to Peachtree Road in Buckhead (and beyond), using no path but the unbuilt Beltline. Last we heard, Beltine officials won't really start to focus on building this stretch for another five years or so, unless (cough) a check from Arthur Blank or someone stimulates faster action. Anyway, good news came last summer, when the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency awarded a $600,000 federal grant for "cleanup efforts" along this northeast section of the Beltline, between Monroe Drive and Buford Highway. A year later, the corridor might not look clean, but it sparkles with potential.