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For $5.3M, OTP Compound Offers Plentiful, Um, Uniqueness

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The listing agent for this $5.3-million estate in Snellville calls it one of a kind and, for once, it's at least somewhat close to the truth. Even in the 'burbs, there aren't a whole lot of 17-plus-acre properties with six bedrooms, seven bathrooms and a whopping 18,084 square feet — not to mention price tags north of $5 million. Naturally, there are plenty of amenities packed in — some of those good, and some more … interesting. There's an indoor basketball court that could double as a Boys Club & Girls Club (complete with lofted viewing area), two tennis courts, a racquetball court and "his and her" workout rooms. Seriously. On the other hand, the indoor pool looks like something straight from the Pauly Shore classic "Bio-Dome," and the "24 person Moroccan theatre" is really, really Moroccan.

The listing gives only a few shots of the home's exterior but, even with the red roof, it doesn't appear to be anything outlandish. Someone named Robert J. Miller owns it and, while it's not exactly clear who they are (possibly a winemaker, but that's conjecture), they're either a little greedy or they just made substantial changes to the property: The ask is more than three times the most recent appraised value of about $1.5 million.

— By Curbed Atlanta contributor Tyler Estep

· 1350 Dogwood Road, Snellville [Zillow]