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Behind-The-Fences Glimpse at the Beltline 'Gateway'

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The Beltline's Eastside Trail Gateway is beginning to look all real — and rather pretty. In terms of convenience, it's an important little project: a winding, landscaped path connecting the Eastside Trail with Historic Fourth Ward Park, behind the Two Urban Licks building. These photos date back a couple of weeks, so there's a little more concrete and greenery going on at the moment, but they give an indication of exactly how the trail/park link will function. Beats the hell out of trekking down glass-strewn North Avenue or taking the skatepark-neighborhood backdoor route, right? The Gateway should provide the easy, beautified Beltline connection this part of O4W has been craving. Beltline officials have told Curbed Atlanta that work has adhered to schedule, and a Gateway grand opening should be announced in coming weeks.
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[Photos: Christopher T. Martin, Curbed Atlanta]