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1891 Bursts to Life at this $1.5M Midtown Landmark

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Wrap your brain around this: On 6th Street in Midtown, this home rose from the ashes of Atlanta 26 years after the Civil War, and since that time, only two people have owned it, according to the listing agent. You could be the third, provided your budget is $1.5 million and your tastes are post-bellum Technicolor grandeur. Four-car garages and 6,200 square feet of heated/cooled space aren't easy to come by in the leafy bosom of Midtown. Such a seamless blend of historic pomp (see: ornate trim) and modern convenience (see: double stainless dishwashers) is a rare find anywhere. This is one case where explosively floral wallpaper looks totally appropriate, although the ribbon-like touches in the foyer could trigger a gag reflex. Hard to fathom that this place has stood here since master architect Walter T. Downing completed it in 1891. It's living proof that all soulful, old things in Atlanta have not been laid to waste.

· 215 6th St. [Sotheby's]