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City Helping to Fund 'Entrepreneur Dorm' Near Tech Square

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Invest Atlanta has signed up to chip in $70 million toward a Midtown tower aimed at fostering the entrepreneurial spirit. As Saporta Report reported this week — and Curbed hinted at in March — a 230-unit development billed as "Tech Square Tower (the Entrepreneur Dorm)" is slated for Spring Street. The building will cater exclusively to "full-time student-entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs officing at Tech Square," and they'll be a one-stop shop. Rent, which will range from $1,035 for one bedroom to $2,565 for four, will include utilities, full furnishings and "access to events mentorship and a speaker series." Being built by Gateway Developers and South City Partners, Tech's new addition would reportedly be one of just four such projects in the country, the others being at at Stanford, Columbia and New York universities.

[NOTE: The following is a corrected version of this paragraph, which originally erroneously stated that this was a completely separate project from Centergy. Confusion occurred due to the apparent name change and Invest Atlanta documents that describe it as "just north of Centergy." Sincere apologies for the confusion.] The tower referred to in older sources as "Centergy North" and in Invest Atlanta documents as "Tech Square Tower" is one of two dorms (the other being University House) being built in the area. It is already under construction and Invest Atlanta has lofty dreams for it: "They are places that entrepreneurs can network and share ideas; shared living spaces are where entrepreneurs can immerse themselves in the culture of innovation for connections and mentorship."

— By Curbed Atlanta contributor Tyler Estep with additional reporting by Kimberly Turner

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[Renderings via Invest Atlanta]