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Rawr! Tired Downtown Office Building to Get a Sexy Makeover

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As Curbed mentioned in June, the developer Jim Cumming is rumored to be transforming the office building at 222 Piedmont into a trendy boutique hotel. Now early concept renderings for the project have surfaced on Plexus R&D's website and it seems the sixties-era snoozer could end up being quite the looker by the time all is said and done. With oodles of natural light on every floor, ivy and greenery coexisting with the building itself and well-hidden parking, this design would radically transform the corner of Piedmont and John Portman Boulevard. (The hotel in the renderings is labeled Deuce; we can only hope that all rooms come with a turntable, Portlandia-style.) The building, formerly the HQ for Oxford Industries, was purchased for $2.5 million last November.

· Plexus R&D [website]
[Before picture via Google Maps. Renderings via Plexus R&D.]