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How To Showcase A Home (& Carpet Stains) In 2 Minutes!

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It's a sad state of affairs when listing photos can't even get the carpet stains in focus. The listing for this handsome but neglected three-bedroom Colonial serves to highlight its faults, as if amoeba-like dark patches on the carpets and scruffy hardwoods are selling points. And it could set the bar for laziness in recent Atlanta listings. Built in 2004, the house is located in Kirkwood's Hawthorn Park, an island of 47 beefy residences with a six-acre nature tail attached. Just because it's a foreclosure, sold as-is with no disclosure, doesn't mean you can't give the place a little dignity online. Or maybe leaving the gutted kitchen out of focus is wise strategy? In any case, it could be the enclave's cheapest sale, at $395,000 with nearly 2,500 square feet. Either the power's been cut off, or some loafing photog couldn't manage to turn on the lights.
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