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The Eight Least Appealing Bathrooms on the Market Right Now

While most homebuyers focus on whether the kitchen has granite countertops or if the living room gets enough natural light, the poor, overlooked bathrooms of the world are largely ignored. But they're important. They can be spa-like sanctuaries from the stress of the day or dens of horror one step up from a Music Midtown Porta Potty. Whether it's zen-disrupting decor, hideous color choices or weird stains, these eight bathrooms don't exactly make you want to settle into a long bubble bath with a good book and a glass of wine.

1078 Alta Avenue
From the mottled blue and chocolate brown color scheme to the faux candles on the wall to the claustrophobic pod of a shower, the bathroom in this Inman Park abode leaves much to be desired.
Yours for: $495,000

417 Deering Road
If you remember one thing and only one thing before taking listing photos of your bathroom, let it be this: Grout cleaner is your friend. This shower has so many mysterious stains and filthy crevices, you won't even notice the wear and tear on the sink.
Yours for: $389,000

1456 Miller Avenue
Even the shower nozzle itself has to duck its head to fit into this angled-ceiling hut. It's way too easy to imagine dropping a shampoo lid, standing up too quickly and knocking yourself silly. (And psssst, grout cleaner.)
Yours for: $525,000

1110 Alta Avenue
Who needs a mirror over the sink when you can watch your housemate washing their hair through this oddly placed window?
Yours for: $641,000

11 Lullwater Estate
Some people won't find this all-pink bathroom with its mega-vanity unappealing at all. Those people probably play with Barbies and eat cotton candy for dinner, but to each his or her own, right?
Yours for: $375,000

1732 Wilmont Drive
This otherwise respectable home gets not one but two entries on our list thanks to some bewildering color and design choices. Wood, yellow and green stripes, black tiled dots, mustard yellow and a rosy countertop — why wouldn't you chuck those together in one room? Meanwhile, in a second bathroom, tiles are lined with black on one side and white on the other, though they're at different heights so maybe that makes, um, sense?
Yours for: $325,000

3727 Boring Road
If the grandma-y floral wallpaper paired with blue tiles and a few years worth of grime caked around the tub don't sell you on this bathroom, maybe the view into your neighbor's house will.
Yours for: $59,900