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For $450K, Own Piece Of Allegedly Haunted Druid Hills Manse

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Owning a three-bedroom chunk of this Italianate-style mansion in the heart of Druid Hills will cost $450,000 — and buyers who believe in paranormal activity could get more than they'd bargained for. Listed on the National Registry of Historic Places, the "Rainbow Terrace" complex has a rich history as the living quarters of a Coca-Cola heiress, a boarding house and famous homicide scene.

The mansion was built for Lucy Beal Candler Owens Heinz, the daughter of Coke co-founder Asa Griggs Cander. In 1943, a burglar fatally shot her husband, Henry Heinz, in their home. (A domestic servant was convicted in the killing, but the real culprit was rumored to be a family member). The manse and grounds fell into disrepair until developers diced the home into condos and surrounded it with townhomes in the early 1980s. A 1987 article in Georgia State's Signal magazine called the joint "Atlanta's most famous haunted mansion," noting that the spirit of poor Henry might not have left the premises.

When the home was a boarding house in the 1960s and '70s, "word began to circulate that the ghost of Henry Heinz was roaming the grounds," states the magazine article. "Renters and neighbors claimed that they would see someone, perhaps a prowler, wandering the mansion grounds, but when they moved closer to the figure, no one was there. They also claimed to hear mysterious pistol shots as if someone was shooting target-practice, but again when they went to investigate, no one was there …" Ghosts or not, the 1983 condo for sale is hauntingly dated, or as the listing agent puts it, a "refreshing blend of classic architectural details with vaulted ceilings and skylights." While the space itself holds promise, there's an abundance of glass blocks, oddly angled ceilings and wallpaper that defies scientific explanation.

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