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Can't Stop Staring: Endlessly Fascinating House of Freakiness

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What in the name of all that is decent and holy in this world is happening in this 104-year-old house? This antique store of nightmares is tucked into the bushes on an unassuming residential street in Peachtree Hills and can be yours for $800,000. The listing boasts of original hardwoods, vaulted ceilings and gorgeous chandeliers, but with all the clutter and curiosities, finding them is like playing one of those find-the-object games. Is that a gorgeous chandelier? No, that's a creepy painting with shifty eyes. Over there? No, that's a disembodied porcelain head. There? Nope. Cassette answering machine and the rear end of a real dog. And over there, the true horror: an electric stove. Gasp! You could look at these listing photos all day and find something new every time. Ceilings painted like sky, Asian inspired gargoyle dudes guarding the fireplace. The fun never ends. The 2,066-square-foot home boasts three bedrooms, two baths and oh-my-god some kind of little monkey-imp-hobgoblin creature staring directly into the camera while clutching its baby.
· 137 Mobile Avenue [Estately]