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For $550K, Inman Park Loft Modernizes Very Old Schoolhouse

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On the fringes of verdant Inman Park, we find this $550,000 opportunity to live in one of Atlanta's most unsung loft conversions. It could be under-the-radar because, as the listing agent notes, properties rarely become available at the Inman Park Schoolhouse, a sturdy brick hunk that dates to 1892. This two-bedroom unit's price might be too rich for some multi-family buyers' blood, but the 2,100 square feet and elements like insane stone bedroom walls and rough-hewn exposed rafters set this place apart. Sticking points, while minor, could be a kitchen that doesn't exactly sprawl, and one of those corner toilets that drive some Internet architects bonkers. The 122-year-old schoolhouse is the work of Gottfried Norrman, a noted Swedish-born architect who built homes around Inman Park and structures for the International Cotton Exhibition of 1881, which put the Westside's King Plow area on a world stage. According to the most accurate count we could find, the building offers "approximately 13" condos total. Norrman's work with the saltwater lap pool — and his foresight to build the schoolhouse near the Atlanta Beltline and Krog Street Market — is particularly impressive.
· 729 Edgewood Avenue NE Unit B []
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