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1889 Church Near Beltline just got $50K more Expensive

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Let's play prophets for a moment and envision what this relatively ancient former church in Reynoldstown could be. A hopping beer hall? Music venue? Recording studio? Righteous townhomes? One massive, 5,368-square-foot party house? Whatever the future holds for this 1889 granite edifice, the buyer might have to fork over more dough to bring their vision to life, as the church was just re-listed for $599,990 — or $50,000 more than the going rate a few months ago. The airy, two-level building sits about a block from the future Beltline corridor that will wend through Cabbagetown and Reynoldstown en route to Glenwood Park. The listing notes that it's zone for commercial use and includes a parking lot. The holier upstairs boasts original heart-pine floors and 20 original stained glass windows. The building also listed for $599,990 back in early 2010, after the owners had worked with the neighborhood to switch the church zoning to MRC-1. Interested buyers at that time wanted to create a small music venue called The Magnetic Theatre, we're told, but the economy killed those ambitions.
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