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Builder: Potholes Left by Large Developments are 'Endemic'

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With progress comes pain, and across Atlanta right now, drivers, cyclists and other residents are hurting with inconvenience. Whether it's temporary lane closures, construction noise or those cursed metal plates, we're paying the price now for what'll hopefully be a more vibrant city in the near future. But at least one local developer has had it up to here with the toll a large-scale apartment project is taking on Krog Street, which is functioning as the de facto Beltline for many active Atlantans before the Eastside Trail is extended southward. Residential developer Jeff Demetriou, a principal with Push/Pull, points to a rough section of the road near Alexan at Krog Street, a 222-unit apartment project by Trammell Crow Residential scheduled to be completed next summer. And it's just one example of what Demetriou calls an "endemic" problem along the rapidly changing Beltline corridor.

Demetriou feels that a large hole and smaller pothole on Krog Street present serious dangers for cyclists and vehicles, and they've been there for more than two weeks, he says. "No markings. No signage. No plate. No nothing," Demetriou writes. "Just a huge hole where motorists are bottoming out, and cyclists will completely eat it if they hit it unprepared." In a letter to the apartment developers, Demetrious calls the issue a lawsuit waiting to happen. We've reached out to Trammell Crow Residential for comment and will update this post with any response. In the meantime, here's Demetriou's letter to the company, in full:

UPDATE: Leonard Wood, Jr. of Trammell Crow Residential sends the following: "I've been in contact with Jeff about the roadwork on Krog Street. We are taking swift measures to correct this issue and I informed jeff of this as well ..."


I thought it would be prudent for both your development company as well as the countless number of cyclist that traverse Krog St. daily/nightly to know that the enormous unmarked/uncovered hole(s) that have been cut into Krog street are an enormous hazard to cyclists and motorists alike, as they have been entirely unmarked or covered for over two weeks now. This is a lawsuit waiting to happen for you guys should a cyclist hit this at night and get severely injured or possibly even killed.

Since you're likely trying to take advantage of the interest and initial success of the Beltline with your development, I'm sure you know that Krog street is currently functioning as the Beltline itself until the path behind your development is completed. With this being the case, I find it kind of ridiculous and unconscionable that your contractors have not been instructed to take greater care in ensuring the safety of motorists (who are currently bottoming out in your hole), and cyclists. As a residential developer myself, I know for a fact that this is a permit violation (which yours is not displayed), and grounds for a stop work order.

It would be easier, and likely less expensive, for everyone if you just took the necessary and required precautions regarding your road work, and showed some concern for the inhabitants of the neighborhood in which you're placing yet another ubiquitous and architecturally uninspiring apartment development in. Thank you.

Jeff Demetriou / Principal
LEED Project Reviewer, LEED AP BD+C
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