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Serious Expansion Alert

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Nonprofit arts organization WonderRoot is moving from the 4,000-square-foot house on Memorial Drive that it has occupied for 10 years into the 54,000-square-foot former Tech High/Hubert Elementary building. The eight-acre Reynoldstown campus, which will be known as the WonderRoot Center for Arts & Social Change, will feature 28,000 square feet of rentable studio space for artists, nonprofits and small creative businesses; a visual arts gallery; performance venue for theater, dance and film; public cafe; educational spaces; and a series of production facilities for artists, including a recording studio, printmaking studio, darkroom, ceramics studio, digital media lab, and dance rehearsal studio. The space will open in 2015 after the 92-year-old building undergoes a $3 million renovation. Studios, which rent for $1.50/square foot, can be reserved now. [WonderRoot]