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And Now, This Week's Five Most Ill-Conceived Listing Pics

If a home is occupied when listing photos are taken, the ocassional cleaning product or misplaced knick-knack might unintentionally creep into a pic. It's understandable. But these five listing photos take bad decisions to the next level. The problem in the image above may not be obvious at first glance, but when you see it... well, you know. Yep, there's a dog staring longingly at the camera from behind the bars of his crate. Does the pup come with the house?

↑ No one bothered to take one step to the side to change the angle of the pic or help good ole Uncle Al move his wheelchair out of the way when they photographed this handicap-accessible townhouse, so there he is, reflected in the mirror (from two angles, no less!) in all his blue-shirted glory — a fern frond in his face and a fake, painted-on wine shelf behind him. And while we're at it, could no one move the suitcase off the piano bench?

↑ Almost any room in this house could have made the list. This cluttered pile of unicorns, dragon wings, abandoned baskets and whatever-that-green-thing-is in front of the door is simply indicative of a larger issue. Let's not talk about the wall paint.

↑ Nothing says "home sweet home" like sloppy, misspelled wall art (at least the door provides "saftey"). Trash bags, Wiccan graffiti, empty totes and blurry photography really seal the deal for this three-bedroom house. That's a nice cat tree though.

↑ Pro tip: When taking listing photos, it is generally best to turn off Instagram's 1977 filter. The images for this house appear to have been taken about 30 years ago with a Polaroid and it's unclear whether it's the house or the van that's for sale.