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Lake Claire Bungalow takes '50 Shades of Grey' Literally

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Not to suggest this Lake Claire house has hosted bondage rituals or abusive male dominance, but there's literally "50 Shades of Grey" going on up in here. Maybe that's not a bad thing, because grey is more interesting and contemporary than a blank white slate, and we all know there's nothing more blah than a beige bonanza. The house was built in 1988, and while that's typically a red flag, this Craftsman bungalow seems to have true modern chutzpah, thanks to a recent, total renovation. With this being a sizable four-bedroom abode in Lake Claire, it isn't exactly cheap at $675,000. The high, angled ceilings lend airiness, and the kitchen cabinetry goes for miles. The downstairs portion would make for a swell in-law suite, band room or blacked-out bondage dungeon. The location is a good mix of quiet residential and urban walkable. From here, it's a short stroll to the retail cluster with Flying Biscuit and La Fonda Latina. Just keep the kinkiness at home.
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