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Condo at 'Landmark' Midtown Tower is True Time Capsule

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This swinging Midtown condo has more 1970s panache than a pair of bellbottoms hollering, "Dy-no-mite!" With an abundance of thick carpeting and a television that's the antithesis of flat, this two-bedroom, two-bathroom unit hasn't sold since 1978, which is likely the last time it was decorated. Nonetheless, it has potential, especially for 1,700 square feet priced at $249,900 in the cosmopolitan heart of Midtown. It's a southwest-facing unit high in the Hanover House, a 12-story Colony Square tower from the early '70s that the agent calls a sought-after landmark. Indeed, these 71 units don't come on the market very often, though this particular condo has tried to sell a few times since 2010, after going for a mere $67,200 before most Millennials were born, according to Zillow. The kitchen cabinetry might mirror your mom's, but at least there's a boatload of it. What's more, the extra-long kitchen boasts a quant dining area where the refrigerator should be. Genius! At 82/100, the Walk Score is relatively dynamite. All of this raises an interesting question: Would it be worth the work to bring this place to modern standards?
· 147 15th St. NE Apt. 10C [Zillow]