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A Key Corner of the Old Fourth Ward Could Look Like This

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This might sound like a broken record, but there's a new multifamily residential project in the works for the Old Fourth Ward! Back in late 2012, according to property records, developer Inland Atlantic purchased a 2.44-acre lot on the northeast corner of the Glen Iris Drive and Ralph McGill Boulevard intersection. The area, by and large, has been transformed with new development in recent years, with more on the horizon. The site plan for the 608 Ralph McGill project indicates that Inland Atlantic plans to build apartments, and their website gives a few more breadcrumbs.

· The project "may include up to 217 units," likely made up of 116 one-bedrooms, 10 townhomes, 54 studios and a smattering of other sizes.

· A handful of renderings show a modern development with plenty of balconies, along with lots of clean lines, grays and whites. It's a safe bet that west-facing units would have superb skyline views.

· A site plan shows five main stories, mostly-underground parking and a pool/courtyard area in the middle.

· It doesn't appear the project would include any street-level retail or office space, but it's hard to say based on available renderings.

A timeline for the project is also unclear, though building permits are currently under city review. Inquiries with Inland Atlantic officials went unanswered. The lot in question is next door to AMLI Parkside and directly overlooks an Aramark building. Aside from the initial elevation at the intersection of Glen Iris and Ralph McGill, it's completely flat and mostly untouched, although a tree or two may have been removed in the not-too-distant past. John Weiland's potential townhome project would be built across the street, directly to the south.

— By Curbed Atlanta contributor Tyler Estep

[ABOVE: Renderings courtesy Inland Atlantic; photos by Curbed Atlanta.]

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