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Is There Anything 'Unconventional' About BOHO4W?

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With a slogan like "Live Unconventionally" and a cringe-worthy name like BOHO4W (at least it's not referred to as Bohemian House anymore), Old Fourth Ward's new apartment offering should really be chock full of artists and writers, milling about and creating their latest masterpieces. Or at the very least, girls using flowers as apparel. Those expecting that level of commitment to the theme will be disappointed. There are more flatscreen TVs than macrame owls, but the place does have some things going for it: the "fastest internet in ATL" included in the rent, a saltwater pool overlooking Historic Fourth Ward Park, a pet spa and a location next to the Beltline and PCM, for example. And to be fair, there is an art studio on the bottom floor and quite a bit more color and attempted hipness than you'd find at your standard Post offering. The $35 million development has a total of 276 one- and two-bedroom units (sorry, families, this one's not for you). As of today, 32 units were available; floorplans and prices for those are below.