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This Condo is Living la Vida Old Fourth Ward for $250K

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Pastel-loving Miami expats would probably feel right at home in the Old Fourth Ward's Wigwam building, where this three-bedroom condo came up for sale this week at $250,000. Perched across the street from LottaFrutta, and around the corner from the Beltline, it's a top-floor unit with a clean but fun-loving aesthetic that's hard to find elsewhere in Atlanta. The condo was built a decade ago but appears to be fully modernized, with additions like Toto toilets, top-shelf ceiling fans and George Nelson Cigar Lights. At 1,153 square feet, the space is hardly sprawling, but it could be a relatively affordable entrée into a smoking-hot neighborhood with boundless potential. For a slightly cheaper alternative with one less bedroom, see this recent listing at the same complex.
· 583 Auburn Ave. NE Unit B [Redfin]