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Swingin' Decatur Pad is a Jaw-Dropper, but Worth $1.4M?

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For proof that this 1950 Decatur house compound has been thrust into the 21st Century, look no further than the backyard, which has a mosquito repelling system. And so begin the surprises at this six-bedroom property, listed last week for $1.39 million. Predictably, the listing agent tells us Frank Lloyd Wright inspired the mid-century contemporary design. A patchwork of styles, this pad sprawls for nearly 6,000 square feet, with one intriguing design choice after the next (see: trippy wallpaper, bulbous light fixtures) and perks like double dishwashers, tigerwood floors, chef-grade appliances and a humongous spa bathroom with heated floors and towel warmers. The décor is dazzling, though surely off-putting to some buyers, with a mounted rhino head that may or may not be real. At least two of the bathrooms look frozen in 1950, but in the way that an original 1969 Camaro is appealing. Sort of. The house last sold in pre-Recession August 2007 for $519,000, but it's a safe bet the place has changed substantially since then.
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