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Ready the Champagne. Ponce City Market Is Opening the Gates

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Put your hardhat back in storage because starting today, you can walk around Ponce City Market without it. (Unless you just enjoy wearing it for fashion reasons.) After three years of construction, PCM was given the go ahead by the city to remove the gates and open 'er up. Art supply shop Binders opened last Wednesday. A tech meet-up facility called General Assembly has started having meet and greets in the old city hall. And preschoolers enrolled in the Suzuki School will start attending classes at PCM right after Labor Day. Dancing Goats has been up and running for a while. In other words: It. Is. Time. The brick behemoth will welcome its first office tenant, AthenaHealth, and its 200 employees starting September 22. Food trucks will start showing up the same day. In October, residential tenants will join the party.

After residential, PCM's blog says, "First you'll see announcements about more food hall purveyors and retailers in the big brick building as well as the BeltLine rail shed…then more office folks move in before end of year. In spring of next year there will be a big wave of restaurants and the Central Food Hall will open its doors to the public along with the BeltLine bridge connection, the BeltLine rail shed and some retail followed by more retail throughout the rest of 2015 and lastly, the Roof at Ponce City Market."

· The Gates Are Coming Off... [Ponce City Market]

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