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Survey Wants Your 2 Cents to Steer Atlanta's Future

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Experts say the Atlanta region is going to pack on about 22 metro Savannahs — or roughly 3 million more people — in the next quarter century. So we'd better do something about that now, right? For the next few weeks, the Atlanta Regional Commission is allowing anyone with five spare minutes to weight in on the city's future via the Plan 2040 survey. It's a colorful little quiz about growth, transit and walkability that's easier to navigate than a Facebook page.

Broadly, Plan 2040 is a gameplan "to ensure growth, prosperity and a high quality of life for the next 25 years," the ARC says. While some questions are no-brainers, "Ensure quality, affordable education for all youth throughout the region — yes or no?" others could be more divisive: "Make Public Parking Easily Available — yes or no?" Be sure to "Favorite" ideas like "Protect the character and integrity of existing neighborhoods." And really ambitious poll-takers can click on the "Suggest a Solution" button and rant away.
· The Plan 2040 Survey [Atlanta Regional Commission]