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Seven Years Later, Oakhurst Streetscaping May Be Happening

It has taken seven years of wrestling with federal funding hurdles but it looks as if the $1,507,000 streetscaping project in Oakhurst Village may finally become a reality starting in October. Before you get too excited, let's remember that this isn't the first start date announced for the project. The last estimate, spring or summer 2014, has blown right past, and all that has happened so far is the removal of four old gas tanks from a parking lot. The City of Decatur accepted bids through August 5 and has indicated that the project should be finished nine months to a year after it starts this autumn. Happening smack dab in the middle of Oakhurst Square at the intersections of Oakview Road, Eastlake Drive, West Hill Street and West Benson Street, the upgrades will include new sidewalks, lighting, vegetation and an enlarged park with a pedestrian plaza. The project's goal is to make the already bike- and pedestrian-friendly area even more so.

The parking spots on the southern end of Harmony Park will be replaced with more greenspace and pedestrian areas. The plan, instead, shows the addition of angled spots in front of Oakhurst Market on East Lake. The plan that's been floating around for a while is colorful but vague. Here's a more detailed look at what's to come:

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