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Homes on Opposite Sides of Beltline Tracks Square Off!

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Imagine you're in the market for a standalone house within an easy stroll of the Atlanta Beltline. You like porches and legitimate backyards that aren't huge. You've got about $450,000 to spend, which would have gone quite far a couple of years ago, but these days, less so. Don't be discouraged, ye real-estate shopper! These two options are on different sides of the Beltline tracks — Old Fourth Ward and Inman Park — where a few blocks means a drastic difference in the house you can afford. So let's shove them into a metaphorical cage and let them scrap until one emerges victorious! It's time for Real Estate Deathmatch.

Old Fourth Ward Double-Decker:

This newly built, two-story home exudes that quintessential Atlanta style that offers four porches. Located near The King Center, in what the listing agent calls "the most desirable neighborhood in Atlanta," its Walk Score of 88 is impressive, as is the overall space for a house in the mid-$400,000s in the O4W. The awkward kitchen is crammed into a corner, and the taste in finishes is questionable throughout. It's also very blue. While $15,000 more expensive than its competitor, it's got an extra bedroom, bathroom and 500 square feet.


Built: Now
Price: $465,000
Bedrooms: 4
Bathrooms: 3
Square feet: 1,980
Special bonus: Walkability to Church (or many churches), Sound Table
Potential drawbacks: Generally transitional area; elementary school
Walk Score: 88
Listing: 102 Hogue St. NE [Estately]


And in this corner, a 1920 bungalow that doesn't exactly dazzle but is located in the leafy bosom of Inman Park. The decorative fireplace and 10-foot ceilings are a nice touch and help to compensate for the rather small kitchen, which is updated with granite and includes a little breakfast area. It's a solid little home in an attractive school district (large families might be squeezed). The back deck is a perk, the shared driveway not so much. Krog Street Market and the Beltline are just down the way, though.


Built: Now
Price: $450,000
Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 2
Square feet: 1,469
Special bonus: Easy walk to L5P and Inman Park retail
Potential drawbacks: Square footage comparable to condo; uninspiring backyard
Walk Score: 72
Listing: 939 Euclid Ave. NE [Estately]

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