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Contender for Atlanta's 'Least Cozy Condo' Asks $110K

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While this downtown condo at Renaissance Lofts might be dirt cheap, it boasts all the charm of a 1970s police precinct. It looks less like a habitat for humans than forklifts. You might call the aesthetic "borderline communist." There's an electric stove with a scorched cooking surface, a free pile of garbage and more cheap wall mirrors than a Walmart dressing room. But let's look on the bright side: It costs a piddly $110,000. It's located near Piedmont Avenue, which shows signs of blossoming in coming years. It might be a hair less than 1,200 square feet, with a single bedroom and bathroom, but those white kitchen cabinets and onyx countertops aren't so bad. (The building's pool seems refreshing and quite large, too.) Added bonus: Downtown Connector views and walkability to both Mayor's and Renaissance parks!
· 120 Ralph McGill Blvd Unit 705[Estately]