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Portal to Hell or Solid Rehab Opp? Listing Pic Leaves Doubt

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Just look at the way the darkness is creeping down those steps. Based on this photo, it's totally fair to assume there's a crouching demon at the top of those stairs, just waiting to swipe the soul of any potential buyer who has been drawn in by the 1,120-square-foot house's renovation potential. If that's not enough to scare the pants off of you, just wait until you see the other pics of this 1920s three-bedroom, one-bath offering. The broker babble says, "The bones are there to turn back to single family Dream." It's unclear if the aforementioned bones are literal or metaphorical. It asks $120,000 after failing to get a renter to pay $1,900/month (what!!??) and promises that a $40,000 to $50,000 rehab budget could turn this into a "dream house." If only they'd had a $10 budget for photography.