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The Five Most Intriguing Airbnb Rentals in Atlanta Right Now

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From whimsical Buckhead treehouses to East Atlanta beaches, Atlanta has all sorts of unexpected short-term rentals. Whether you're looking for the ultimate staycation accommodation or non-hotel ( and non-in-your-house) lodging for your visiting in-laws, one of these unusual options from Airbnb is sure to pique your interest.

Atlanta's "Shangri La" Penthouse
Price: $1,399/night.
This two-story corner penthouse has skyline views, 24-foot ceilings, two rooftop terraces (one with a hot tub) and one heck of a price tag. The 6,000-square-foot space accommodates up to six people and comes with two parking spots.

Modern Glass Tree House
Price: $500/night.
The two levels of this unique steel structure can be rented separately, but the combo package will accommodate four to six people overnight and can be used for small gatherings or business retreats. Some of the outdoor spaces look like they could use a bit of a wipe down, but you are in the great outdoors, so maybe that can slide. One reviewer claimed that staying at the urban oasis was "like you are swimming in the trees."

Renovated 1920s Decatur Bungalow
Price: $179/night.
Surround yourself with eye-less luchador masks, Addams Family pinball and life-sized plush alligators in this quirky two-bedroom tucked away on a quiet street near dowtown Decatur. It accommodates up to six people. Adorable dog, Kenz, not included.

The East Pole
Price: $250/night.
If you're not sure whether you want to rent a bar or a beach, East Atlanta's East Pole is the solution. With a hot tub, salt water pool and sandy beach outside and a piano bar with more character than it knows what to do with inside, how could you go wrong?

Private Retreat/Exotic Spa
Price: $149/night.
You can barely spend an hour at some spas for the price of a whole day/night at this private apartment with attached spa wing. The main apartment features a pool table, game room and poker table. The attached spa wing has a hot tub, sauna, steam shower and decorative flamingo stained glass for a touch of class.