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Before and After: Tudor Gets Buckets of White Paint, Modernity

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Last sold in May for $126,000 2012 for $285,000, this 1,728-square-foot Lake Claire home now asks $515,000 after an extensive renovation that transformed it "into a modern European classic." Painted white floors and walls make some areas look more like a modern art gallery or Pottery Barn display than part of a cozy three-bedroom home. The aesthetic won't be for everyone, but it will delight those looking for clean, contemporary design. The floorplan of the 94-year-old home has been opened up, the old-school stairway replaced with a space-saving spiral staircase (with its own banjo) and windows updated to modern casement windows. The once-dreary kitchen is now light and airy with a farmhouse sink, movable island and white countertops. Gone are the textured ceilings, dated lighting fixtures and prominent brick fireplace. Gone also (or at least covered), sadly, are the original hardwood floors, which have been carpeted in some places and painted in others. The current owner is a project manager at Cablik Enterprises, an Atlanta-based contractor and custom-home builder.
· 2018 Tuxedo Avenue [Zillow]