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Article: Enthusiasm for Adair Park is Somewhat Infectious

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Champions of historic neighborhoods on Atlanta's southwestern flank will find much rah-rah fodder in a Saporta Report story this week that sings the praises of Adair Park while tracing its circa-1890 founding as a "bungalow suburb." The writer's 24-year-old son, like a steady stream of motivated younger Atlantans, found a deal on a rehabbed home too sweet to refuse, closed the sale last month, and is enjoying a strong sense of community and optimism for the area's chances of thriving.

Nestled against Metropolitan Parkway and the Beltline's near-future Southwest Corridor, Adair Park has recently been a topic of discussion on these pages and elsewhere, along with brethren like West End and Westview — places with rough edges but relatively cheap housing stock where many hope a Beltline-spurred resurgence is in the works. As one real estate group billing themselves as "The Beltline Team" once noted, Adair Park enjoys four parks and is slated to share a major greenspace and possible mixed-use node called "Murphy's Crossing" with sister neighborhoods. The Saporta Report article paints enthusiasm for the area as being palpable — if not infectious.
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