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For $400K, Little Slice of Brooklyn in Heart of Decatur

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Walk Score zealots should take note: It doesn't get much better than a rating of 86/100 outside of Midtown. But bustling little Decatur has walkability in spades, and this walk-up two-bedroom townhome has a little Chicago or Brooklyn soul to match. It's part of The Artisan townhomes on Commerce Drive, built in 2006, and it's pretty slick, what with the Brazilian hardwoods and clean lines. There's an office space in addition to the bedrooms and 2 and ½ bathrooms among these 1,872 square feet. Some sticking points: That exposed brick wall might not appeal to all. In terms of size, the outdoor space leaves something to be desired, and the $400,000 ask would score a fine standalone house in neighborhoods south and west of Decatur, minus the local schools. With a bevy of apartments in the works, which should feed more retail, it's a safe bet the walkability 'round here is going nowhere but up.
· 1175 Commerce Drive Unit 1175 [Estately]