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Dirt-Cheap Loft Could be, um, Beltline Getaway Home?

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This airy, basic loft could make a fine pied-à-terre for a Beltline-loving couple from, say, Newton County who had no idea where Reynoldstown was last year. Or, with its $154,900 asking price, it could be an example of truly affordable Beltline housing. This one-bedroom, one-bathroom unit is part of the South Park Lofts conversion in Reynoldstown, a 1954 property that abuts what Google Maps calls the "Eastside Hiking Trail." Sure, the paved Beltline might not wend through here for a couple of years, but you can bet these 1,068 square feet won't cost so little when it does. It's got that sparse industrial vibe, with concrete galore, a dated but serviceable kitchen and a dash of nickel-plated steel to boot. Around back, there's a well-kept pool area and fitness center. It qualifies for special financing, so owning is possible for as little as 5 percent down. Which could help make the "intown Beltline getaway weekend" concept a reality.
· 174 Chester Ave Unit 106 [Estately]
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