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Castleberry Hill Jazz Club With Liquor License Asks $1.25M

If you've ever dreamed of owning a spot where the gin is cold but the piano's hot (and all that jazz), this Castleberry Hill jazz club/cigar bar is what you've been waiting for. Studio 281, which Creative Loafing called a "live jazz club so intimate you'd swear you were in some cool cat's rec room," closed its doors in June and, for $1.25 million, will transfer its liquor license to the new buyer. Built in 1935, the free-standing building has a kitchen, three baths, a bar and a listening room with room for about 50 people who don't mind getting a little cozy. According to Studio 281's website, the space was previously used as a haberdashery and now features a number of recycled materials from the neighborhood, including a vintage meat-packing freezer door. The sometimes-blurry listing photos reveal a space that could certainly use a little, ahem, jazzing up. For six months last year, it asked $750,000 before the listing was removed, so the new asking price seems a bit bold. Still, with a tough-to-get liquor license in place and 4,090 square feet to work with, the right owner with a lot of vision might just be able to transform this into a profitable bar, music venue or gallery.
· 281 Peters Street [Zillow]