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Hold on, You Can Still Live ON the Beltline for Under $300K?!

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One of 24 units in the Factory Lofts, this 1,024-square-foot one-bedroom, two-bathroom condo is every urbanite's dream. The exposed brick wall, stained concrete floors, steel beams and soaring ceilings are effortlessly cool and industrial, but not in an emo way. The modern kitchen is minimal but functional. The floating staircase leads to a bedroom with a full walk-in closet. But as nifty as these features are, they're not what makes this circa-1925 loft special. Take a look at the 18-foot wall o' windows, and you're getting closer to the gold. It's what's outside those windows that's the game changer. The Beltline. It's right there. Really. Right. There. Pretty much in the living room. There's even a tin roof over the patio so you can sit outside drinking cocktails and cheering on joggers, rain or shine. You can mosey over to Piedmont Park in less than 10 minutes and hit the Midtown Place Shopping Center (Whole Foods, Home Depot, etc.) or Ponce City Market in even less. A storage unit and gated parking are thrown in for less than $300,000 (only 100 bucks less, but let's not get picky).

· 675 Greenwood Avenue [A is for Atlanta]